Conference Objectives



The overall aim of the HepHIV 2019 conference will be to further improve HIV and viral hepatitis testing and treatment by engaging stakeholders -  researchers, civil society and policy makers from Europe - within the two fields and to stimulate exchange of experiences and best practice as well as presenting the latest evidence within the field of testing and linkage to care for HIV and viral hepatitis and -as something new this time - TB and STIs as well.

Further, the HepHIV2017 conference ended with a call to action which the HepHIV2019 conference will address and follow up on with the latest research and steps taken within these fields since 2017.

The 2017 call to action was developed by the HIV in Europe Steering Committee and HepHIV2017 Scientific Committee based on input at the HepHIV 2017 conference and included suggestions for action within several key areas.